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We are one of the top producers and distributors in Qatar

Khazan was established in early 2005, with the purchase of the mineral water manufacturing plant at Doha Industrial Area, the company started to produce it’s own brand “Aqua Gulf” Pure Bottled Drinking Water.


Our Brands


Dana Bottled Water

Dana water, a homegrown well-known brand has set the standards of purity and is one of Qatar’s leading bottled water brands.

Aqua Gulf Bottled Water

Aqua Gulf water is the first homegrown brand produced and manufactured back in 2005 and with a pH value same as of pure water.


Kitco Range

"Bringing back the tradition of real chips, All-time favorite"


Conserved Foodstuffs Distributing Co. L.L.C. carries a wide variety of products that is high in Quality. Whether it's water, beverages, frozen food, rice, sugar, oil, etc. We can handle your needs with our high standard of products. 


Our Factory

Khazan water plant is one of the most modern in the country, using highly advanced processes and quality control technologies. the leading beverage Manufacturer, Distributors, and Exporter, now it is a top industry in the State of Qatar.

The plant uses an American ozone treatment system, and a sophisticated reverse osmosis, filtration and sterilization system to ensure that the mineral water from its source is of high quality; befitting to our brand.The fully integrated bottling line situated at Doha Industrial Area provides the added assurance of clear, crisp and refreshing mineral water that meets global standards.

The fully integrated production system, with a fully automated state-of-the-art filling line, a high quality bottle production facility clean and complete with auxiliary sterilization support system provide a contamination free environment for production under stringent quality standards.

Quality and Safety tests are carried out on water samples taken at all stages - treatment, filling, and finished products to ensure the consistent purity and quality of water.

Our Happy Customers

" Big company , big factory , different products .... good quality ... good price "

Emad Rashad


Quality Assurance & Control

Conserved Foodstuffs Distributing Co. (Khazan Qatar) L.L.C. ISO 22000:2018 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company also HACCP system is implemented. The company complies with all applicable Food Safety and Environmental regulations in the State of Qatar. The company has it's in-house laboratory to test the raw materials and finished products in order to ensure its quality is within the acceptable limits and comply with Qatar, Gulf, and WHO specifications before either distributing it on the local markets or export it outside the State of Qatar. The company always strives to implement the latest technology in the field of manufacturing food and beverages. We provide external training courses for the Quality and Production staffs to apply all new technology and further improves the quality of the products.

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Our Partners

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