Our Management Team

Our emphasis is placed on excellence that seeks to instill a desire to keep learning, to be self-motivated and self-disciplined and to believe in one's self-worth. Our Staff members governing Board establish policy, hire personnel, develop annual budgets, and plan facilities needed to implement a continue growth and success

Our Team Members


Thomas Clarke

General Manager

Leading the Mezzan Qatar Manufacturing, Sales & Distribution business since March 2020, Tom joined Mezzan Holding Company in January 2018 as Sales Director before being promoted to General Manager of the Mezzan UAE business.


Marlyn Interior

Purchase Manager

Marlyn started with Khazan Qatar in May 2009 as a Sales Promoter. Prior to joining the company, has work experiences with Thomson Reuters on financial research primarily hedge funds. Has started her career in Security Bank of the Philippines for credit collection and debt recoveries.


Shemeem Hassan

Modern Trade Manager

Shemeem is a skilled and dedicated manager with an impressive 20 years’ Sales and Marketing background in the gulf region with an exceptional understanding in formulating and execution of all the Sales & Marketing strategy through different distribution channels with cross-cultural environment.
He started working with Khazan Qatar as Key accounts manager in November 2017,


Hany Elkady

Quality Manager

Hany has been the Quality Manager of Khazan Qatar since 2014. He comes with 19 years of experience in the field of food and beverage industries.


Nabil Ghabra

Logistics Manager

Nabil was initially appointed as Head of Sales for Khazan Qatar, joining the team in March 2020. With the considerable logistical challenges of successfully meeting market demand during the Covid-19 Wave 1, Nabil has been heading up Logistics including our wholly-owned in-house fleet of delivery vehicles.


Varghese Francis

Lead Supervisor Down Trade Channel

Since graduating with my bachelor’s degree, I moved to the UAE and after a brief Sales assignment, I took an opportunity to join Nielsen UAE as a Field Auditor.


Hossam Eldaly

Maintenance Manager

Hossam has 22 years of experience in the field of food and beverage industries. He started as Maintenance Manager at Americana Company in Kuwait meat division and Technical Manager at Naif Poultry Company in Kuwait.


Mohamed Salah

Production Deputy

Salah provides a pivotal role in ensuring adequate finished goods to meet market demand. He has been with us since 2006 and, like all of the leadership team, possesses and transmits amongst his large manufacturing team, our Yes We Can! Operating culture.

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