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Our Factory used the modern machine with highly advance process

JUN. 27, 2020

Khazan water plant is one of the most modern in the country, using highly advanced process and quality control technologies. The plant uses an American ozone treatment system, and a sophisticated reverse osmosis, filtration and sterilization system to ensure that the mineral water from its source is of high quality;

The fully integrated bottling line situated at Doha Industrial Area provides the added assurance of clear, crisp and refreshing mineral water that meets global standards.

The fully integrated production system, with a fully automated state-of-the-art filling line, a high quality bottle production facility clean and complete with auxiliary sterilization support system provide a contamination free environment for production under stringent quality standards.Quality and Safety tests are carried out on water samples taken at all stages - treatment, filling, and finished products to ensure the consistent purity and quality of Aqua Gulf.

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